Homemade Electronic Predator Call


fever3810: Indiana Fishing Expo January 30 & 31st. Johnson County Fairgrounds in Franklin. More information can be found on the Indiana Fishing Expo Facebook page. Jan 19, 2016 20:28:58 GMT -5 *
goosepondmonster: You'll probably need to look further south. Tennessee tends to get a fair amount of ice in the winter. I'd much rather deal with snow than I would ice. Nov 2, 2015 13:55:54 GMT -5
opochtli: Oh, and they were both out of the same lake in TN. I know where I'm moving when I finally decide I'm done with winters... Oct 26, 2015 19:16:36 GMT -5 *
opochtli: He didn't get any decent photos as his dad is terrible with a camera. This is the same guy that caught a 50" muskie on an 8lb walleye rig earlier this year. Legendary. He said he almost cried when he filleted it. Phew. Oct 26, 2015 19:14:56 GMT -5 *
hilly: Pics?!? Oct 3, 2015 9:03:53 GMT -5
opochtli: My FIL caught a 13.25" redear down in TN this past weekend. Can you guys even imagine catching a panfish that big?!? He said it took two hands to hold it... wow... Oct 3, 2015 8:44:17 GMT -5
Chase: Fantasy draft in 1 hour! Aug 23, 2015 18:10:33 GMT -5
opochtli: Killed em Saturday, nearly skunked Sunday. The ups and downs of fishing... :P Aug 9, 2015 19:51:51 GMT -5 *
hilly: Can't go wrong chasing cats, IMO! Jul 31, 2015 10:54:22 GMT -5
strippitman: No, but I'm seriously thinking about getting out and chasing some catfish. My home lake is loaded with channel cats. Jul 31, 2015 7:38:44 GMT -5
opochtli: Anyone been doin any fishing lately? Jul 30, 2015 21:36:51 GMT -5
opochtli: nice! Jun 14, 2015 9:28:51 GMT -5
hilly: wasn't a complete bust though, dad found out he was old enough for his lifetime license that includes the trout stamp. All for $17, and now he doesn't have to worry about it the rest of his life. He was pumped about that lol Jun 14, 2015 9:22:27 GMT -5
hilly: We were at midland for an hour. Had trout lines and crickets out. Not even a sniff on either. So we went to Lenape and caught a handful of dinky gills and one nice red ear. Jun 14, 2015 9:19:44 GMT -5
opochtli: Where'd you fish at Patrick? I wasn't ready to give up after 26, so I went to Shakamak and got one bass, one gill and 2 cats. That was the slowest fishing day I've had since March. Jun 14, 2015 9:00:44 GMT -5
hilly: Just saw a pic from the "crappie crazy" Facebook page of an 18", 2.95 lb crappie pulled out of Monroe. You guys should check it out. I really need to spend more time learning Monroe. Jun 14, 2015 8:39:50 GMT -5
hilly: Glad I'm not the only who got whipped yesterday! The heat was rough. Jun 14, 2015 7:55:54 GMT -5
opochtli: Spent 2 hours on Reservoir 26 and got 2 keepers. The wind kicked up as soon as we left the house and never quit. Been a while since I left a boat ramp so infuriated. :( Jun 13, 2015 17:50:39 GMT -5
opochtli: Who's going fishing today? I am! Jun 13, 2015 6:16:36 GMT -5
Greenedog: The Midland trout are still biting. Video coming soon.... 8-| Jun 10, 2015 17:27:26 GMT -5