Aunt Miriam's Hot Tamales


Greenedog: That would be fine with me, but I've yet to find a permanent home with my new company and have no clue what my schedule will be the rest of the year. ??? Jul 10, 2014 20:34:55 GMT -5
jimmycrown: just throwing it out there . how about a gathering before oct 1st when most of you hit the treestands Jul 10, 2014 11:54:42 GMT -5
fever3810: I knew it would. It's my favorite inline spinner. I catch alot of fish with this style of lure. Jul 2, 2014 11:35:59 GMT -5
topwaterbass: Glad to hear the Inline nailed the big one. Congrats on a great trip! O_o Jun 29, 2014 17:33:11 GMT -5
fever3810: Tried to add a picture of the 32 in musky, but I keep having issues with photo bucket. Jun 28, 2014 10:02:08 GMT -5
fever3810: I made the picture my profile picture. I also added it on the Musky / Pike link under G&G Muskie Inline. For some reason it shows I added it on March 16, 2013. I caught the fish on 6/20/2014 at 8:51 Central Time. Jun 28, 2014 8:48:02 GMT -5
Greenedog: SWEET! Got pics??? Jun 24, 2014 21:25:34 GMT -5
fever3810: Got back from our fishing trip to Lake Vermillion, MN. Caught 2 muskie. one 32 inches and the other 52 3/4. The big one was caught on a G&G muskie inline spinner! Jun 24, 2014 20:44:25 GMT -5
goosepondmonster: They need to figure out a way for the Shoutbox to show up on the mobile application. Jun 16, 2014 21:29:41 GMT -5
strippitman: Can't wait to hear the Big News!! Anxiously waiting on what the news is ;) Jun 13, 2014 7:23:24 GMT -5
Greenedog: Hopefully I'll be reporting some "Big News" about my "Greene-Sullivan Challenge" in the very near future. ;) Jun 11, 2014 15:14:50 GMT -5
goosepondmonster: I'll be in the area next weekend. Hopefully I'll luck out and there will be a wing alert two weekends in a row. Jun 8, 2014 9:13:48 GMT -5
Greenedog: WING ALERT! Around 8:30 i my garage kitchen. :P :D Jun 7, 2014 10:16:12 GMT -5
topwaterbass: Pierre Garcon can kiss my.................. Sorry getting worked up! :o :-* May 30, 2014 17:55:55 GMT -5
oldairman: Wow! Those fish are sure enough big pigs! Nice going! May 27, 2014 18:34:48 GMT -5
B-rad: 2014 BOWFISHING TOTAL: 247 today. ;) The goal was to make it to 500. Although it wont be documented, we are on a good pace! May 27, 2014 11:28:25 GMT -5
Greenedog: Ex-Colt Pierre Garcon on facebook today..."They need to just ban guns period. No one should be allowed to have them." ::) I'm no longer a "follower" of him. There was some pretty funny responses though! ;) May 24, 2014 16:18:22 GMT -5
Greenedog: **WING ALERT** Around 8 o'clock in my garage kitchen. :P May 23, 2014 17:01:01 GMT -5
fever3810: Water Temps on Bass Lake Saturday was 74 degrees. Caught about 20 bass, but once again NO Muskie. I was surprised there were so few boats on the water. Didn't get there until about 4:00 PM. Left at about 8:45 PM. One of these days! May 14, 2014 20:08:49 GMT -5
Greenedog: Thanks Matt! :D >:( >:( (rofl) May 14, 2014 16:46:33 GMT -5